Our rental systems are perfect for smaller events where a technician is not required. We have a large variety of systems available for any type of occasion. Perfect for church functions, DJ’s, bands, weddings etc. These systems are easy to setup and operate and components are always tested before they are picked up.
Delivery and setup services available.

Single speaker and mic

Our smallest “speaking” systems are simply a microphone plugged into a single active speaker. We have various sized models and some are available as rechargeable battery operated units that can be used where there is no electricity available. Good for audiences of 50-100 people.

Two speakers and powered mixer


Our most popular system.

2 speakers on stands powered by a 10 channel powered mixer is perfect for wedding ceremonies, small receptions, speeches, meetings and presentations. Wireless microphones are available.

3 way powered with subs

For DJ’s that want some thump, or a live band that is micing everything, this system will provide loud and clear audio for audiences from 200 to 500 people. Mixing consoles, monitors, mic kits and lighting packages are available to complete the system.

Multiple speakers and mixer

An upgrade to our 2 speakers and a mixer, multiple speakers can be used in larger tents or large rooms. Sometimes 1 pair of speakers isn’t enough to reach the back of a room without having the speakers at uncomfortable levels. Multiple units solve this problem. Perfect for speeches, announcements and background music.